• Challenge #1

    Struggling to tell your story?

    Together we can tell your story with authenticity, consistently across every channel so it resonates with your stakeholders.

  • Challenge #2

    Getting ready to go public?

    We’ll take the stress out of making sure your digital channels are ready.

  • Challenge #3

    Failing your mobile audience?

    We design and build sites and apps that deliver a great experience on phones, tablets and laptops.

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    Corporate site

    IDACORP prides itself in its tradition of service, innovation and dedication that dates back to 1916. As part of their overall business strategy, IDACORP seeks to balance the interests of owners, customers, employees and other stakeholders..

    To maintain that balance digitally, IDACORP needed a well-designed and responsive website that depicted their business strategy while emphasizing their core business, Idaho Power.

    Together Investis and IDACORP created an above-the-line corporate website that more accurately reflects their corporate story.

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    Intercontinental Exchange

    IR site

    Your investors are active 24 hours a day. So are we.

    As the leading network of regulated exchanges and clearinghouses for financial and commodity markets, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) understand the importance of communicating with investors and providing high quality service.

    They wanted an IR site that gave their investors the best possible experience by being fully responsive with intuitive navigation and cutting-edge functionality - but they also wanted the highest levels of service from their provider, so that they could keep investors in touch with their latest communications.

    By combining best-in-class design with a 24-hour rapid-response service, we helped ICE create an IR section that fits seamlessly with their overall corporate web estate while giving investors the information they need, when they need it.

    We understand investors and what they need - and Investis understood us, providing a world-class IR site and world-class service.

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    IR App

    Build understanding through your investor app.

    GE understands how to build - by providing capital, expertise and infrastructure for a global economy, and by building appliances, lighting, power systems and other products, GE describes itself as 'building the world'.

    To help investors and other audiences better understand their ambition and performance, GE asked us to help them build an investor relations app that would meet their own demanding standards for specification and user-accessibility.

    Their responsive, flexible investor relations app provides all the key information visitors need, as well as enabling them to download key resources to view offline. And like many of our apps, it has proved a hit beyond the investor audience - with many stakeholders, including employees, finding it a great way to keep in touch.

    The feedback we've had from investors and employees on our app has been great - showing that it is yet another way in which we're building relationships with stakeholders...

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