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People are empowered to champion or challenge everything that defines your company. They may question your integrity, undermine your employer brand or raise doubts about your CSR intentions with just a tweet.
To influence these conversations, you need to communicate seamlessly across all digital channels. The digital presence you provide has to live up to your corporate brand and values. The challenge is that many corporate communicators don’t have the resources, technology or time to make this a reality. This is why more than 2,000 of the world’s leading companies turn to Investis.

The App was downloaded more than 400 times in the first two weeks since launch and we have been delighted with both the quality of the App and the feedback we have received from internal and external stakeholders.

Arcelor Mittal

Expertise 2,000+ of the world’s leading companies turn to Investis

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We Understand Your Challenges.

We make sure those who matter most can see what you’re truly worth by equipping you to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Human Resources


Your business is only as good as the people who stand behind it. To be the best, you must attract the best. We help bring your company and culture to life giving jobseekers a good “peek behind the curtain” before they apply.

PR & Media


Media relations matter, and in today’s world, it’s become increasingly complex. Media coverage keeps pace with the speed of business, and one false move in the spotlight can quickly damage a company’s reputation. Our technology puts you in control and provides you with Audience Intelligence and real-time analytics to keep you ahead of the game.

CSR & Philanththropy


People care about what you stand for. They want to know about your values, commitments and the causes you support. We’ll help you create an emotive and compelling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) story that shows why you genuinely care about more than the bottom line and the differences you make.

Internal Communications


Having gifted, ambitious employees is one thing; communicating to them the advantages of sticking with you is another. Using the intranet, apps, webcasts and social media, we bring your people together, encouraging innovation and adding value to corporate life.